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What Digital Skills Do Students Need? – Techlinks

by timi
What Digital Skills Do Students Need? – Techlinks

Digital skills for students are the skills that allow students to get empowered in the digital world. These include searching, creating content, and learning through digital technologies. Students think critically and creatively when taught digital skills. 

While so many people still argue about a particular age being too early for children to acquire digital skills. Parents and school administrators have gone out of their way to ensure that digital skills are incorporated into the curriculum. 

What digital skills do students need?

1) Use of documents: typing is a digital skill that helps students focus on getting their ideas on screen. Children can learn the use of documents using Google docs, Microsoft Word, etc. 

Typing skill improves cognitive-based learning because it relies on memory. An excellent tech skill that forces the brain to remember correct spellings of words. Typing is a form of digital communication. Click to learn 

Using documents helps the children discover their creative writing skills. Today writing skill is an employable skill in the tech industry.

What Digital skills do Students Need?

2) Use of Email: teaching students how to send emails as a digital skill shows them a formal way of documentation and communication. Communication via emails improves participation in children. Sending emails helps students develop strong writing skills. It is an employable tech skill today. Allowing children to put their thoughts into something sendable improves their experience of creating their message. Learn the components of Gmail.

3) Spreadsheet: the spreadsheet is a digital skill that children should get. It aids students in understanding the purpose of data collection and organization. The knowledge of spreadsheets teaches children the importance of data entry. Application and usage of spreadsheet skills improve children’s numerical skills due to the constant use of numbers and mathematical operations such as -, +,%. This skill helps prepare the children for the future. Also, it guides the children in making informed decisions. To help students more with this skill. Click to learn for free.

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4) Use of Video: as simple as the video may sound, it’s one essential and employable skill. The use of video is essential in areas such as 

*Data collection.

*Content Marketing; video is used in advertising, helps to influence buying decisions.

Create a scrapbook using video and photos.

*Learning; video provides a practical learning experience. Also, it increases retention capacity.

The in-person form of jobs has become obsolete, many companies have adopted remote work styles as a way of getting jobs done. In the same vein, companies conduct interviews via video conferencing. 

5) Video editing: the use of video in marketing and publicity is one of the easy ways of getting the attention of your audience. In video editing children can learn to merge videos using Clipchamp, Bandicut , and  AdobeSpark

6) Use of Design Tools: Design is a visual image of an object. It is a visual image of the mind or an idea. Design skill at an early stage broadens the creative ability of the child. Using design apps such as Canvas, Flier makers, and poster makers, will help the child. Also, advanced design software such as Sketch, Figma, Photoshop 

These serve as a foundational stage for design inspiration. It helps to solve a problem. This digital skill offers students and children the chance to use creativity in solving problems. Design a logo here 

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