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Tips to Avoid Social Media Distractions While Studying or Preparing for Exams

Tips to Avoid Social Media Distractions While Studying or Preparing for Exams

Assuming you feel that at any point you attempt to concentrate, social media and different other things divert you from your principal objective. You are not alone though…lol! You reading this article is a perfect step to solving such problem as we’ll let you know a few significant focuses that will assist you with keeping away from interruption. Here we have compile for you some useful Tips to Avoid Social Media Distractions While Studying

Imagine that you are trying to concentrate on Quantitative Aptitude, English or whatever your subject may be. Soon after 30minutes your smart phone vibrates and a messages/WhatsApp message displays on your cell phone screen. Also you abruptly close your book and open those message immediately. In a moment also, your spouse message you requesting the evening walk and you promptly answer it.

You set your telephone to the side and return to study, 25 minutes later you get abrupt overpowering desire to check new YouTube videos. You just mean to stay shortly on YouTube, yet you wind up on viewing the Facebook stories and news feed.

We are almost certain something like this has happened to you at any point you are attempting to study. We all have been there! In any case, don’t stress; here are a couple of tips that will assist you with staying away from interruptions. These tips don’t work when you just read it you want to process it and continue in your everyday life and activity.

The Problem and Solution to Social Media Distraction


Actually your first and principal issue is your phone. At the point when you are studying, your telephone rings or vibrates and your concentration or focus promptly breaks and you close the book to really take a look at your telephone.


So, it is great to put your PHONE on Silent mode and place it away from site or give it to your someone you trust can keep it for you (mother, father, guardian, brother, sister, spouse, friend) then get it back after your study/review is completed. This way you will not be hindered by calls or instant messages while you are studying. However, in this modern age of technology where you may need to use your gadgets to access web information during your study. It is best to silent your phone including muting all notifications from your phone settings. By so doing, you can focus wholly on your primary objective.


There is a second method for interfacing social media platforms and this is your Computer. Indeed, you heard right your PC likewise can distract you since you can get to your Facebook, twitter or some other social media on your PC.


When you are utilizing your PC the whole internet is only a click away. Try not to trust yourself to oppose that allurement. Switch off your WIFI before you start your STUDY TIME. As much as possible, try to stay away from study from online sources and assuming you really want to get to online assets; download all the essential data prior to study time and after download turn it off.

Make a Daily Study Schedule

To have a productive day, week, month or year you need to order your activities daily, such as this one below;

5 AM – 8 AM: Morning walk and Breakfast

8 AM – 10 AM: Newspaper and Current Affairs

10 AM – 1 PM: Subject 1 (For instance Math)

1 PM – 2 PM: Lunch and some rest

2 PM – 4 PM: Subject 2 (For instance reasoning)

4 PM-6 PM: Subject 3 (For instance English)

6 PM – 7 PM: Evening walk

7 Pm – 9 PM: Revision

You want to follow a week-by-week outline, which implies your subjects will remain fix for a given week yet may change in the long run. Your time allotments, then again, will stay fixed.


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Essential tips to note when preparing for exams

Here are some important tips to note during exams/test preparation;

  1. Study with total focus
  2. Pause or Take a Break
  3. Segregate yourself
  4. Exercise Day By Day

Study with total focus

As I previously let you know that we can’t ceaselessly concentrate however one thing we can. At whatever point you study, study with your brimming focus since, supposing that you concentrate on just a single hour with total concentration; this is far superior to take a book in your grasp and just turn over the page for quite a long time.

Pause or Take a Break

When we concentrate, the interruptions come in waves. The desire to stare at the TV, hungry inclination, and check your telephone assaults you abruptly and it can frequently be overpowering. Be that as it may, these extraordinary desires just keep going for a brief time. Assuming you can oppose that underlying wave, you will actually want to continue concentrating as opposed to surrendering to allurement.

So when any urge hits you shut your eyes. Take in for three seconds, and afterward inhale out for three seconds. On the off chance that the urge actually endures, repeat until it disappears. When the distraction is finally gone, return to work.

Segregate yourself

When you take a seat at study table and start studying, unexpectedly your sister come and asked you to assist with her schoolwork, your companion calls you to play the game, or your dad stopped by to get some information about your day. These are the normal interruptions during the study. So not long before you start your review, we prescribe that you go up to individuals who are probably going to upset you and tell them not to disturb you during this time. Any way, you can go somewhere else where nobody upsets you, like the library or some other calm spot.

Exercise Day By Day

As we probably are aware assuming our psyche is sound then we can without much of a stretch concentrate and recollect the things we have learned. A solid psyche is in a sound body. So you really want to do this day by day some activity and get eight hours of rest. Since Early to bed and right on time to rise makes a man sound and insightful. These are brilliant lines for everybody.


Assuming you follow these straightforward tips day by day and in summary in life, then we are certainly sure you will get astounding outcomes. In the first place, apply this technique for multi-week and see your result.

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