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Media Experts, TikToker/Music Artiste Guchi shine at the First TikTok Media Workshop |

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Media Experts, TikToker/Music Artiste Guchi shine at the First TikTok Media Workshop |

guchi tiktok
guchi at tiktok workshop

 TikTok in its efforts to keep supporting emerging talents through global exposure has brought together the biggest players in the Media and Entertainment industry in Abuja and Lagos to further strengthen engagements and the positive impacts of the digital community.

One of such talent, Guchi, a Nigerian music Artiste of repute who thrilled the audience at the Lagos event shared the positive contributions of TikTok in her musical career, after the release of her smash hit debut single ‘Jennifer‘ in 2021, Guchi captivated the hearts of millions of fans around the world as she amassed a massive following on TikTok.

Speaking at the exclusive media event held at the Maison Fahrenheit Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, on Thursday, 10 August 2023, Guchi discussed how TikTok helped her level the playing field as an independent artist on the road to global stardom and how content creators can further use the platform to break free from the norm and achieve extraordinary things.

Guchi said, “I’m humbled and grateful for the love and support I’ve received on TikTok. The platform has allowed me to connect with fans from all over the world, and their creativity never ceases to amaze me. TikTok has truly amplified my music and provided me with a unique way to engage with my audience,”

Using Guchi’s meteoric rise to global stardom as a perfect example of how TikTok can be a springboard to fame, Munya Vomo, Content Partnerships Lead – Music at TikTok Sub-Saharan Africa, said:

“We’re thrilled to see artists like Guchi flourish on TikTok. On Notice Me, as with each of her releases, multitudes of TikTok users, once again, connected with her music by interpreting it through their own content on the platform. “Through her music, talent, and engaging content, she embodies the creative spirit of TikTok and continues to leave an indelible mark on the platform’s vibrant community,” he added.

TikTok’s magic lies in its democratizing power – it’s a stage where anyone with talent, passion, and creativity can shine and Guchi’s journey underscores this. With TikTok, she didn’t need a traditional record label to amplify her voice; her talent did the talking.

 “Musicians reside at the heart of TikTok’s vibrant community, and our commitment lies in empowering both established and emerging artists to realise their full potential. Our platform offers them a dynamic space to experiment, innovate, and connect with fans like never before,” Munya Vomo concluded.

How TikTok supports creators

Viral Discoverability: TikTok provides a level playing field for musicians to be discovered by millions of users, irrespective of their industry status. Catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and captivating performances can swiftly go viral, catapulting emerging artists into the spotlight.

Authentic Engagement: Musicians on TikTok engage with fans in unique ways, fostering direct and genuine connections. From live Q&A sessions to behind-the-scenes glimpses, musicians can showcase their personalities and create personal bonds with their audience.

Innovative Promotion: The platform’s creative features, such as soundtracks, challenges, and duets, offer musicians innovative methods to promote their music. Collaborative trends enable artists to showcase their talent alongside user-generated content, widening their reach organically.

Breakout Hits & Organic Growth: TikTok has turned obscure tracks into chart-toppers. From viral dance crazes to emotional ballads, musicians are finding fame and success on a global scale through TikTok’s immense user base. Independent musicians leverage TikTok’s platform to bypass traditional gatekeepers. Millions can now hear their music without relying on major record labels.

Cultural Fusion: Musicians break cultural barriers by creating cross-genre and cross-cultural collaborations. TikTok’s diverse audience appreciates and embraces these unique collaborations, leading to a broader fan base.

Innovative Revenue Streams: Musicians can monetize their TikTok presence through live events, sponsored content, and merchandise collaborations, expanding their revenue beyond traditional music sales.

Supporting Emerging Talent Through Global Exposure: The platform’s international reach allows musicians to transcend geographical boundaries, connecting with fans from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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