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15 Best Side Hustle Jobs for Unemployed Graduates (2023)

List of Side Hustle Jobs for Unemployed Graduates

Side hustles are additional jobs aside from regular jobs that brings extra income. Unemployed graduates can use the income from side hustles to take care of their living expenses and explore their creativity. For instance, a freelance writer can earn as much as $4000 per month or even more. Side hustle jobs can be done remotely or on-site. One advantage of side hustle jobs is that they do not require months of training and require little or no skills.

List of Side Hustle Jobs for Unemployed Graduates

List of Side Hustle Jobs for Unemployed Graduates

1. Subject Tutor.

An unemployed graduate who has expert knowledge of a particular subject can take up an online or on-site tutoring job. Tutoring is an additional or private academic support given to a student. This support can be provided by a competent person who plays the role of a teacher, or a professional tutor. Helping students understand a subject and improve their performance can become a source of income; unemployed graduates can start tutoring by registering on sites like TutorMe, Smarthinking and others. The average salary of a tutor is about $5000 per month.

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers usually work from anywhere. They write a variety of different content for email campaigns, blogs, landing pages and a few other requests. Unemployed graduates who are good at copywriting or long/short form article write ups can take up remote freelance jobs as side hustles. The benefits of being a freelancer is having the freedom to work from home, be independent, improve writing skills, and financial growth.  The average monthly pay for a Freelance writer is $6000.

3. Vlogger.

A vlog is a short video shot by a person. It could be a comedy, entertainment, educational or inspirational video. Unemployed graduates can share vlogs on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to get extra income. Vlogging is a side hustle that pays about $6,200 monthly.

4. Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant is an individual who provides administrative services to entrepreneurs from their home. The skills are  related to administrative, technical, and creative tasks like managing social media accounts. They offer their skills to firms and real estate agencies. A virtual assistant can work from home or physically. Unemployed graduates can benefit from such job opportunities and become independent, gain flexibility, earn additional income, work efficiently and manage time. The average monthly pay for virtual assistants is $5,250 and could be as high as $10,875.

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5. Event Planner

Event planning involves coordinating the activities of events and special occasions such as conferences, birthday parties, and weddings. Unemployed graduates who are good project managers can consider becoming event planners. Event planners may decide to work from home or be available to organize social events. Event planners are reliable and good listeners. The benefits of being an event planner includes traveling to new places, meeting different people, and financial stability. The average monthly payment for event planners is $4,179.

6. Sales Promoter.

Unemployed graduates who are good at advertising or marketing can consider promoting the products and brands of companies and earn extra income for doing so. They could become customer service representatives and try to solve customers’ problems with a particular product or persuade them to buy more. Sales promotion can be done online to reach a wider audience. The average monthly payment for the sales promoter is about $3000.

7. Blogger.

Blogging is a process of creating articles, video contents, and other media that are published on a website. Blogging helps people to express their thoughts and feelings about a particular issue on the internet. A Blogger is a person who writes and shares stories about a particular subject to the internet and it can be done as a side hustle because of the financial benefits.  Unemployed graduates can start their own self hosted blog, publish valuable content and post links to their online store or get commission when people patronize ad products on their page. Blogs can easily be setup on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and other content management systems that allow hosting of websites. The average monthly earning of a professional blogger can be within $5,000-$10,000.

8. Ride-Share Driver.

Ride-sharing is an arrangement that involves someone booking a ride on an app or website to ease transportation. It involves people renting either a taxi or car for transportation. Individuals who engage in ride sharing have their own vehicle for transporting people to specific locations or destinations.  Unemployed graduates can consider ridesharing as a side hustle. Ride share drivers make about $5000 monthly.

9. Babysitter.

A babysitter is someone who is paid to look after someone’s child in their absence.  This job is offered to people of all ages. The duties of a babysitter may also include ensuring the safety of the child, communication, feeding, and entertaining the child. One of the major benefits of babysitting is being financially stable, and learning valuable skills in the area of child care. This can be a great side hustle for unemployed graduates who love taking care of children. The average monthly payment for babysitters is about $3000.

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10. Delivery Agent

Delivery of items from one location in a city/country to another is a side hustle that can be done in a part-time basis. Delivery items may range from food, groceries to electrical and clothing items. Unemployed graduates can indicate their interest to work as delivery agents in companies that offer delivery and logistics services in any country. Delivery agents can earn up to $ 4000 monthly.

11. Online Trainer/Coach.

Unemployed graduates can give online training or coaching classes in any area they are good at such as fitness and dance classes. Online Training is a type of job that is mainly done online between the coach and the client. Online training doesn’t require the coach to meet in person with his/her clients. However, all coaching and training is done with online tools. One of the benefits of online training is gaining flexibility, business growth, extra income, and being self-reliant. The average monthly salary for an online coach is $6000.

12. Social Media Influencer.

Social media influencing is a strategic method of promoting a brand or product by a person who has a large social media presence and high reputation. An influencer can alter people’s opinions on the internet.  Social media influencers must have their own page where they share interesting contents to attract more subscribers and views. Unemployed graduates who have many followers on their social media accounts and post interesting contents can do influencing for an agreed fee. This side hustle can generate a monthly revenue of up to $4500, and maybe more.

13. Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a way of driving traffic to a company’s website in exchange for a commission. An affiliate marketer is a person who helps in promoting, distributing and advertising products/services for sale through website links. The benefits of being an affiliate marketer is extra income, build brand recognition, gain flexibility, and partnership with different companies. Shopify and ShareASale are popular examples of affiliate platforms which pays scalable commissions for advertising their affiliate products. Unemployed graduates can consider affiliate marketing a lucrative side hustle that can earn them a monthly income of $12,800 even while they are asleep.

14. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist helps in translating audio or recorded files into written documents. Unemployed graduates can sign up on transcription websites such as HappyScribe and TranscribeMe to pass the qualification test and start transcribing. The benefits of transcription as a side hustle include extra income, and flexible working hours. The average monthly payment for a transcriptionist is $3,600.

15. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a process that involves receiving customer orders through an online store and passing such orders to the supplier who handles the delivery. Unemployed graduates can start drop shipping on popular platforms such as Aliexpress, Shopify, SaleHoo and other websites. Drop shippers can earn around $1000-$50,000 in a month.

Unemployed graduates should consider choosing a side hustle that they would enjoy doing part-time and generate valuable income.

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