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Attending College in Mississippi: What You Need to Know (Including Mississippi Scholarships)

Many students feel that attending college in Mississippi is a dream come true. But selecting a specific school is often surprisingly challenging, as there are many strong options available. Plus, figuring out how to cover the cost can be tricky.

If your student plans on attending college in Mississippi, scholarships can make nearly any school affordable. If you and your student want to learn about Mississippi scholarships, sign up for our free college scholarship webinar! Take a quick trip over to http://thescholarshipsystem.com/freewebinar to reserve a spot today.

Fortunately, students can work out the details with ease if they have the right information. For students interested in colleges in Mississippi, here’s what they need to know.

About Mississippi

Many students dream of attending college in Mississippi. If that's your plan (and you'd like Mississippi scholarships), here's what you need to know.

Mississippi is an intriguing state with a striking landscape and fascinating history. The state was named after the Mississippi River, with “Mississippi” being a Chippewa word meaning “large river.” It’s also a relatively flat state, with the highest point – Woodall Mountain – only measuring in at 806 feet.

The state also has some unique claims to fame. For example, it’s home to the only cactus plantation in the world. Belzoni, a Mississippi town, is also considered the catfish capital of the world, and 94 percent of all farm-raised catfish come from the state.

When it comes to the weather, Mississippi is classified as a humid subtropical region with temperate winters and hot summers. It can also cycle between periods of drought and times when rainfall is heavy enough to cause flooding. Extreme weather is also possible, with hurricanes, tornadoes, and destructive thunderstorms all occurring in the area at times.

As for the temperatures, summer highs often exceed 90°F. Winter lows can drop below 0°F, though that isn’t as common, as cold spells tend to be short when they do occur.

Colleges and Universities in Mississippi

In total, there are 54 Mississippi colleges and universities. Among them are 19 four-year institutions, along with 35 community colleges, tech schools, and other two-year institutions.

While some students may find researching them all plausible, that approach may overwhelm other students. As a result, using another strategy to make a college decision is best for most students. Here are two options that work well.

College Towns in Mississippi

For some students, focusing on finding a college town that meets their needs is the ideal way to find the best colleges in Mississippi for them. It allows them to look beyond academics and school cultures, ensuring they find a city that has the right amenities available.

College towns are classically highly supportive of their students, too. As a result, locals are often very involved in ensuring the school’s success, which is beneficial.

Here is a list of Mississippi college towns students may want to consider:

  • Cleveland
  • Clinton
  • Columbus
  • Jackson
  • Hattiesburg
  • Oxford
  • University

MS state financial aid

Major Mississippi Colleges and Universities

While some students may find that focusing on college towns works well for them, others may discover that focusing on the academic and school campus experience is the better fit. As a result, focusing on major institutions may help them find the best college in Mississippi for them.

Each of the MS colleges and universities below offers a unique experience and is known for having a strong reputation. As a result, they’re solid starting points for a Mississippi college search:

While looking at a Mississippi college ranking is an option on the table for students, it’s critical that students not get caught up with where a school falls on any particular list. What matters most is finding their ideal match, so students should feel free to branch out if that allows them to do so.

Mississippi Financial Aid

As students explore the idea of attending college in Mississippi, figuring out the financial side of the equation is one of the most challenging components. For most students, some type of financial aid is typically part of the picture. Fortunately, thanks to Mississippi scholarships and grants, student loans aren’t the only available option.

In most cases, Mississippi scholarships and grants have residency requirements. Usually, they align with the rules that outline who receives in-state tuition prices. For example, living in Mississippi for a purpose other than college for at least 12 months continuously is essential.

Now, this doesn’t mean that out-of-state students can’t find any financial support. Instead, they may need to focus on institutional scholarships, as those usually require enrollment but don’t make residency mandatory. For example, many Ole Miss scholarships, Mississippi State University scholarships, MS University for Women scholarships, and Mississippi Valley State University scholarships are available to all enrolled students, including in-state and out-of-state students.

scholarships for Mississippi state

Mississippi College Grants

Mississippi state grants for college students typically operate similarly to federal Pell Grants; they’re just managed by the state instead of the federal government. That makes them an excellent option for students who want an affordable education or who are trying to avoid student loan debt.

Along with residency, Mississippi college grants can have a variety of other requirements. For example, financial need could be part of the equation, or studying a specific major. Since that’s the case, students need to examine the rules closely to ensure they’re eligible before applying.

Here is a list of Mississippi grant options for students:

Mississippi Scholarships

Scholarships for Mississippi students are another fantastic option that allows students to avoid student loan debt. As with grants, eligibility requirements for Mississippi state scholarships vary, so it’s wise for students to look at the rules closely before they apply.

Here is a list of Mississippi scholarships:

Living and Getting Around in Mississippi

Even if students spend most of their time on campus, knowing what it’s like to live and get around in Mississippi is essential. Often, it has a striking impact on their quality of life, making it a critical part of the broader equation. Here’s what students should know.

Housing in Mississippi

Many students find deciding between dorms and off-campus apartments surprisingly difficult at first. However, looking at housing prices helps students see which options are the most realistic financially.

In Mississippi, the average home value is $166,966 (as of May 2023). While that’s well below the national average of $339,048, it’s more than most students can afford.

When it comes to apartment rentals, the fair market rent for a one-bedroom is $678 per month, while a two-bedroom is $887 per month. For some students, that is potentially reasonable, particularly if they’re open to having a roommate. However, the price does vary by city, so some students may discover that a dorm room is the most economical choice.


Transportation Options

Many students will need to leave campus on occasion. For local travel, buses, taxis, and rideshares may cover most of it. However, for heading out of town, heading to an airport or train station is often the better choice. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available in Mississippi, allowing students to travel with ease.

Here is a list of major Mississippi airports:

Here is an overview of the Mississippi train states, which are on the City of New Orleans or Crescent Lines:

  • Brookhaven, MS (BRH)
  • Greenwood, MS (GWD)
  • Hattiesburg, MS (HBG)
  • Hazlehurst, MS (HAZ)
  • Jackson, MS (JAN)
  • Laurel, MS (LAU)
  • McComb, MS (MCB)
  • Meridian, MS (MEI)
  • Picayune, MS (PIC)
  • Yazoo City, MS (YAZ)

Things to Do in Mississippi

When it’s time for a bit of fun or relaxation, Mississippi has plenty to offer college students. For fans of music history, a trip to Elvis Presley Birthplace Park could be an intriguing option. For students more interested in military history, the Vicksburg National Military Park and the USS Cairo Museum are both excellent options.

Longwood House is another intriguing choice, as it once served as the residence of Napoleon Bonaparte. Beauvoir is also worth exploring, as it served as the home of Jefferson Davis.

For animal lovers, a trip to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is a fun option. If your student wants a quirkier destination, a trip to the Birthplace of Kermit the Frog could be a better choice.

MS financial aid

Making Money in Mississippi

Many students need to earn some income while they pursue their degrees. As a result, it’s helpful to know what making money in Mississippi is like before they arrive. Here’s an overview of what students need to know.

Minimum Wage

When students begin looking for part-time jobs, many of the opportunities are potentially minimum-wage positions. Since that’s the case, students need to know what the minimum wage is in Mississippi, allowing them to plan in advance for their financial needs.

Mississippi doesn’t have its own minimum wage laws. As a result, the minimum wage in Mississippi aligns with the federal requirements by default. That makes the minimum wage in Mississippi (as of 2023) $7.25 per hour.

For tipped employees, the minimum amount employers need to pay is $2.13 per hour. However, if the worker’s tips don’t bring them up to the equivalent of $7.25 per hour, the employer is required to make up the difference.

Employment Rates

Looking at a state’s unemployment rate helps students determine whether finding a part-time job would be overly challenging. When unemployment is high, competition for positions increases, which makes securing an opportunity more difficult. When unemployment is low, there isn’t as much competition, so finding a job is often easier.

In Mississippi, the unemployment rate is 3.4 percent (as of April 2023). For reference, the national average is also 3.4 percent (as of April 2023). Overall, that’s relatively low, so most students shouldn’t have much difficulty finding a part-time job.

Mississippi Key Industries

As is the case in most states, Mississippi has a diverse economy. However, knowing which industries are prominent in the area works in students’ favor, as career opportunities are often more plentiful in those sectors.

Advanced manufacturing and agriculture are both big businesses in Mississippi. The same is true of aerospace and defense, particularly due to the presence of multiple military installations and NASA’s Stennis Space Center.

Mississippi also has a well-developed logistics and distribution industry. Finally, the forestry, chemical, and energy sectors are significant parts of the state’s economy.

If your student plans on attending college in Mississippi, scholarships can make nearly any school affordable. If you and your student want to learn about Mississippi scholarships, sign up for our free college scholarship webinar! Take a quick trip over to http://thescholarshipsystem.com/freewebinar to reserve a spot today.

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