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8 Secrets to Winning Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students

8 Secrets to Winning Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students

Secrets to Winning Study Abroad Scholarships: The idea of studying in a foreign country is an exciting but expensive adventure especially to students from low-income countries with limited financial abilities. To achieve the dream of studying abroad to such students entails looking for scholarship and other funding opportunities from reputable organizations and schools.

Without proper guidance and information, it will be practically impossible to win an international scholarship because of the stiff competition that abounds. Therefore, to be among the preferred candidate in the journey of winning a funding opportunity to study in a foreign country, one has to be versed with the secrets required to win international scholarships as an international student.

While many scholarships are quite competitive, there are plenty of others that may be easier to win than you could ever imagine. Your odds of getting funding to study abroad or to present a research paper in a foreign country or an internship position might be far higher than expected, it therefore behoves on you to identify the abounding opportunities, tell the funding body why you are a good candidate for the scholarship and hit the ‘apply’ button.

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This article aims at presenting Secrets to Win Scholarships Abroad for international students to help make their dreams of studying abroad come to reality!

  1. Prepare compelling scholarship applications

On your road to becoming an international scholar, be prepared to work work on your admission and scholarship applications as becoming successful may depend largely on it. Whether you are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate scholarship, you will need to prepare a compelling scholarship application which will stand you out from the crowd of applicants. For the purpose of emphasis, don’t limit your application to only one scholarship opportunity as you’ll probably need to apply to half a dozen opportunities to increase your chances of being selected.

  1. Make a list of Opportunities you qualify for

It is important to make a list of scholarship opportunities that you are qualified for starting from your home country and then to foreign or international scholarship funders. You may wish to meet with people at scholarship fairs or visit study abroad offices in your home country. Make enquiries about the type of scholarships available, eligibility criteria, the requirements and the application deadline. After exhausting this option, you may then move on to internet search which will provide you with several offers from where you will then choose the ones that you qualify for and apply accordingly.

  1. Understand what the assessors want

Every scholarship sponsor has certain attributes, skills and qualifications they look out for in their potential scholar. Before beginning your application, you have to understand what the scholarship assessors want in a candidate. Go through the funder’s preference, their mission statement or value pages to understand what is important for them. Be intentional to see through the assessor’s mind, identify the values, and ensure you work them into your application in a unique and outstanding way.

  1. Know what makes up the funder’s selection criteria

Research to know and understand the qualifications and selection criteria put forward by scholarship funders. Look at past winners or alumni or the details provided in the FAQ section of their website. Study the section that talks about the ideal candidate and how they will be evaluated. Ensure that you project your application in the light of these criteria and always remember to be honest and original in your application.

  1. Avoid using generic essay statements

This is a very important aspect of your scholarship application and it will stand you out from the rest. After going through the funder’s requirements, be sure to write original essays that align with the values of the scholarship sponsors. By all means, avoid using generic or popular phrases in essays as it will make your essays not look original. Present your interests and your abilities through concise stories and personal experiences that is unique to you.

  1. Get good recommendation letters

Some scholarship applicants always play down on this very important document. It is important that you tell your referees well on time to prepare you a recommendation letter. Do not make the mistake of rushing to get recommendation or reference letters from referees as they may also be in a hurry to get you one which may not be a true reflection of your academic abilities and who you truly are. Talk to your referees early and if possible hand-deliver them a package that includes precise list of information about the scholarship and about yourself. Taking this step makes it easy for referees to write you a good letter of recommendation which is a plus to your scholarship journey.

  1. Proof-read and double check your application documents

Don’t make the mistake of rushing to submit your application without first proof-reading and double checking all your application requirements Check that you have all aspects of the application completed. Also check your essays to ensure that you have included your leadership experience, community involvement and your interest. Check that all your application documents are the correct version and ready to be uploaded to the application portal.

  1. Apply Early

One of the best approach towards winning a study abroad scholarship is to ensure that you submit your application early to allow enough time for sponsors to read through your application. Understand that once the deadline approaches, application evaluators will be inundated with applications and may start skimming through applications.


Applying for a scholarship to study abroad in the face of stiff competition from many other applicants is a skill that must be harnessed if one is to be offered such scholarship positions. Developing this skill require thorough understanding of the secrets that works in applying for international scholarships.

Ready to begin your application? Check out the latest Fully Funded Study Abroad Scholarships you can apply for today!

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